Yall,this is the most natural 360 lace wig ever !! So love this body wavy hair ,Yall ! That’s the reason why so many sisters would like to choose it,PrePlucked hairline with melt with your skin 360 lace frontal just make everything perfect. I hope that you all enjoy this video. Be sure to like, comment and subscribe.
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Wig SKU: GWT02
Hair length: 18inch
Hair Density: 180%

1.Crystal Lace — The High-end Lace Material, More Durable, Lay Flat , See-Through and Be more Undetectable. Totally Match all Skin Tones.
2. Grown Hairline—Less Obvious Knots, Pre-sewn Transitional Hairline, just looks like growing from your scalp, Mimics Your Real Scalp Well.
3.The Back is so natural as the front ! Can do bun style,high ponytails and more.

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6 thoughts on “WOW!! 4 hairstyles i did, Simply amazing! Flawless Hairline EVER !! 360 Crystal lace HAIR|GeniusWigs”
  1. You really know more about wigs sis. Am loving all hair reviews. You look so beautiful

  2. I absolutely love this wig and love the fact that you were able to style it several ways, now this is Versatility.
    And I also love how the lace looks melted to the your scarp skin.

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